Well Friends
Cinda and I have finally done it. As some of you may know we are adopting a group of 3 girls from California. We are now the proud parents of a 7,4 and 3 year old. We expect to have them here in 60 days or less. This is going to really put a stress and burden on us financially/ physically as our house has to be finished before we can bring them home. :clock:
As some of you know I am disabled so this will get interesting.
We will travel to LA at least 2 times and then they will bring them here the final time.
Keep us in your prayers. Ill try and still get on the forum from time to time but it may be spotty.
PS if you have a deal pending with me PLEASE jog my memory.
PPS If anyone wants to help we would really appricate it.:notworth:
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