A904 clunking and grinding 1st to 2nd at mid throttle?

So I have a 1988 dodge d100 with a 904 behind a 318 all stock with what I believe has around 87,000 miles. I replaced the torque converter recently and I've driven this thing for a year now. It's always sort of clunked or shifted harshly from 1st to second if I was mid throttle but never clunked at wot or barely any throttle. It's gotten slowly gotten worse over the time and now clunks sooner on the throttle and then proceeds to grind untill I let off the gas and it shifts or it will shift after it grinds for like 3 seconds almost like a loss of pressure some where, it also has sort of a slower and/or weaker shift 2nd to 3rd now to. I suspect it's the valve body like the separater plate is dented and allowing pressure to escape or something along thos lines I'm not to sure on the whole trans side of things and I can't find much of anything in regards to diagnosing this issue. When I replaced the converter I had pulled the valve body partially off not removing the parking rod to sort of inspect the bands and nothing seemed bad or had any heat marks or anything.
Ive also had sort of a harsh jolt or shift when I go from reverse to drive in it to, and from what I've read this sort of points to the valve body as well stating the steel check ball hitting the seperater plate dents it over time causing a harsh shift.
Author: Evan