A WIW question on a v8 vs /6

Okay - trying to plan my steps to getting out of debt and am re-evaluating my current driver situation. As some of you may know, just after Christmas I picked up a /6 Duster that had a great body but needed some love (no pun intended)


Well, I am really trying to aleviate a TON of debt at my house and since nobody has bought my '92 Ram Charger I am considering selling the Duster and getting the RC back on the road. A buddy of mine has offered to rebuild the trans for me in barter for some paint & body work on his rat rod. It'll only set me back cost of parts for my tranny and he will buy material for his body work.

That being said, now I am in a quandry about the Duster. I plan on having the interior finished within the next couple of weeks. At that point, I can sell it as it is (or will be once done) OR I can drop in a 318/904 combo that I have "laying around."

Now the question is - What is it worth with the /6? What would it be worth with the 318? FYI - I plan on putting a new timing chain, freeze plugs, aluminum intake, and 4 barrel on the 318 if/when I drop it in...

WWFABOD??? (What Would For A Bodies Only Do?)
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