a whole bundle of questions hopefully sumerized

ok so i have asked a bunch of questions lol. maby i can get it all in one thred. so i have been putting a 360 4 speed in my original '75 scamp 318 904. got it all in now the hard work.

i need to figure out headers. i know hednmans fit around the 4 speed stuff but ps? it looks close.

it was a ac car and thats all gone now. so what alternator brackets do i need? looked at pics and havent came up with much yet.

and how do i go about adjusting the shift linkages? i got it set up 'properly' with a screw driver in the alignment hole. but it wont shift.

and the clutch fork pivot. i found what i need and will post a pic. but want to see if someone has a extra one so i dont have to buy it new lol.

and on a minor note i will need a 15" trim ring. probably the same as rally wheels but mine are different actual wheels.

and if anyone needs automatic sb stuff or original style ac pm me. i might have just what u need.

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