A few Dart Sport / Duster interior pieces for sale

We finally finished the interior on my son's '74 Duster. There are still a few very nice driver quality pieces left over to sell. All parts are for '73-up Duster and Dart Sport. Some might apply to other years and models, I'm just not up on the interchangability for earlier models.

Here is what we have:

Door tops (2) Black - $25 each
Kick panels (2) Black - $20 each
Sail panels (2) Black - $30 each
A-pillar trim (2) Black - $20 each
Door handle pockets (2) Black - $10 each
Steering column cover (1) Black - $15

All prices do not include shipping. I will safely package the parts and charge only for actual cost of shipping. If you are interested, please PM or contact me by e-mail and I will send photos.

Thanks for the ad FABO,
Author: admin