A body parts for sale

1 nice pair of 273 Hi Po valve covers. 150.00
1970 Dart front bumper(nice) 100.00
1970-72 Dart, Demon front bumper brackets 50.00 pr
1969 Barracuda doors,left, right 200.00 pr.
Several misc. dart, and barracuda glass (email me)
1969 barracuda front bumper brackets 50.00pr
1967 barracuda hood with chrome inserts 100.00
1968 barracuda hood with chrome inserts 100.00
1971 Demon pass front fender straight, minor rust on top 100.00
Set of marker lights for 71 dart demon driver quality 75.00
complete heater box assembly with cables and fasia, 71 demon non air 75.00
1970 duster tailights (pr) 50.00
BBP front disc brake dust shields 25.00 pr.
1966 dodge dart Gt tailpanel(nice) and all chrome for that car (email)
Please pm me here or email me directly at allaboutabodies@yahoo.com and i will be glad to send any pics.
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