A body bucket seat pair

I posted asking about a value on these a while back, considered keeping them as suggested by a poster, but the truth is even if I did keep them I'd end up not doing anything with them as health will not allow and I don't want to leave them for my wife to deal with so they are up for sale. Just hard to let go.

I've decided to ask $120 or best offer on them after value posts received here. Hopefully that is a fair price as suggestions on value were higher than that. Just looking to get them to someone else who can use them and can really use the funds now.

I really have no idea what it would cost to ship them. The back can be unbolted from the bottoms and then everything boxed up, but at a guess I'd say it would be around $100 within the US by the time you buy the boxes etc and then probably UPS ground them. As I said, that is a total guess. Could be more or could be less, but just wanted to make those interested aware that they will cost a bit to ship. Whatever it would costs me to ship to you is what it would cost you. UPS and USPS would really be my only choice for shipping as I'm unable to get out to the others. Located in Rio Rancho, NM

This is a pair of genuine Mopar A body bucket seats. I was going to put some covers on them and install them in my '71 Dart Swinger and have a 340 clone or perhaps do a Hemi car with them. Health has taken a turn for the worse and I've finally realized that I'm not going to be able to do anything with them. The seats are just as I purchased them. They have been stored away high and dry since I got them. They would have originally been out of a '73 or '74 model A body, but you can put them into any A body you wish ( Dart , Duster , Valiant , Scamp , Demon etc.). Just bolt on a pair of tracks and they will bolt right in. These seats come as pictured. One still has the cover on and the other the previous owner pulled the cover off and that is as far as he got. While sitting there, his cat decided to use it a bit as a scratching post before he realized. Not too bad. Once recovered you would never know though.

The foam itself has nice spring in it and is not powder if you know what I mean by that. I was going to pull the other cover, put a thin layer of batting type pad on each (That fiber looking stuff you buy at the fabric store in little rolls) and put on some new covers.

You will need to supply your own tracks for them, but I do have three of the hinge cover pieces I got when I got the seats and I have the pair of cover retaining rods for the seat that has no cover on it.

If interested please PM me as I'm unable to sit at the computer very easily and so am not on the site much. My wife keeps the email up though and checks it while she is working so she can make sure I get replies done etc.

Thanks for looking.

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