A-Bodies, and other Mopars in your yard

Someone may have already started a topic here similar to this, I'm not sure. But I just love seeing home grown mopar yards! I have two 69 Chargers a 73 Dart Sport and a 72 Duster sitting in and around the carport. But out back (you can't see it from the road) I have 2 69 coronets, a 70 satellite, a 69 charger (what's left of it), a 38 dodge, a 70 Dart Swinger a 73 Dart Sport orig 340 4spd car, and a '73 Duster orig 340 car. A couple mopar buddies of mine have been back there to visit. haha... People look at me like I'm crazy when I drag another mopar home. Too many GM guys in the area.

Here is a picture for now... I need to get an updated picture of the back.

Post your mopar yards


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