99 Dodge 1500 4×4 ??


I am attempting to reduce my "collection" of cars and Jeeps etc. A guy comes to me and wants to trade a fairly nice truck even though I am not looking for one now.

Here is the truck:

It is a 99 Dodge SLT 4x4 1500. It has the 318, 5-speed and is pretty clean with 120K on the clock.

I would likely use it for DD duty some 3-4 days a week at the most. Towing occasionally like every other month of about 5K in weight. No real distance towing etc.

I already have an 89 Dodge W-250 4x4 with a 360 and an auto. It is just rough enough that I don't want to really drive the thing too far. It gets about 13 MPG loaded and around 11ish towing. I like the truck, and it does fairly well for what I need it for. I should mention that I have a Toyota 4x4 that I DD and it has alot of life in it yet.

I am pretty easy on things generally so the 318 doesn't worry me.

What are your thoughts on the 99? Gas Mileage? Things to watch for? Durability? Which transmission does it have?

Thanks for any ideas or help.

Author: admin