904/B & M floor shifter

I installed a B & M floor shifter in my 72 Dart for my 904. Instructions stated "pry shifter lever up off of the post with screw driver". Did that Hooked it all up everything seemed to work fine in static test (engine not running).

Of course as soon as I put some fluid in it it leaked. about a six inch puddle over nite.

Pulled the pan. Glad it leaked. There was a ball bearing in the pan. The one for the shifter detent. glad I didn't start it up.


1) Anybody have some experience with this?
2) How many bolts actually have to be removed to get the valve body out of the transmission?
3) How many ball bearings and springs will fly all over the shop when I drop the valve body?:banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead:
4) is the shift shaft missing a keeper to allow the detent ball to drop out when prying up on the shift lever?

The installation split the cork gasket which allowed the leak.

Any help before I have a pile of parts all over the floor??

The factory shop manual gives no clue as to how many bolts to remove to get the valve body out


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