904 Slipping?

i finally got the Dart driving somewhat, drove it out of the shop and down the driveway a bit. Starting out from Park, put the car in Drive. drove down the driveway, stopped the car, put it in Park, car went to die (due to really old fuel and timing off a bit), so i gave it some gas, and car went forwards.. while in Park. put the brakes on, put the car in neutral, gave it gas, nothing. put the car in drive, gave it gas, went forwards. put the car in reverse, went backwards. put the car in park, gave it gas, didn't move. ok thats strange im thinking, put the car back in drive, drive forwards. put the car in park, it drives forwards again. soo i came to the conclusion after some testing.
sometimes while in park it stays put, sometimes it drives forwards. any ideas??
Author: admin