904 or Powerglide???

Hi buddies!

My car is almost ready, and I need to know your opinions !

My setup is a very light Dart (2400lbs), with a 360LA, 14:1(methanol :snakeman:), edelbrock ported heads, victor ported intake, 1-7/8 ceramic coated headers, 900cfm EFI, roller rockers 1.6, solid roller cam (576/582@1.5 110lobe 286int./292exh.), lunatti solid rollers lifters, cam gear drive, KB forged 4" pistons, Eagle H rods, Scat crank, Milodon Deep Pan, 4,27 gears with spool, Weld wheels, MT 29,5X11,5X15 slicks.
Now I have a mec 4 speed on it, but I need to go auto with transbrake.
Due my car's weight I been thinking of goin with PG or a 904 trans, and I'm very attracted to the PG, because it eats only 10hp BUT 2 speeds...!
So I want to know your opinions on which is better!
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