$800, what ya got around Seattle area?

I have a buddy that wants Nikkis 72 Ford pick up and he has cash in hand and Nikki wants something that can be a daily driver with very little work if it isn't already, older (nothing newer than 73), something that is all one color, very little if no rust, basically not a pile of crap and has a small block or a slant six, hell it doesn't even have to be a Dodge. If it isn't around the Seattle area (maybe a few hours away) but would make it back to Seattle with no problems throw it out there!

What ya got?

I called the guy on this one, he says that it was in his garage for the last 4 years, he just got it running and painted the motor, it is rust free and that it needs a tune up and brakes but something about him/the car kinda scares me like it will turn into one of those "worst car I have ever owned" stories. I might go take a look at it this weekend.

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