8 3/4 build up opinions

Before I ask: I know that the Dana60 is the ultimate and if I had one then all the worries are covered. I have $700 now and maybe scrape up another $200 atmost. It took me forever to save up that amount so the Dana is more of a pipe dream.

1. Car is a 65' Coronet not stock weight but not a LW either. The "plan" is to run in the low 11's and maybe hi/hi 10's.

I want an honest opinion on the strenght of a built 8 3/4(489). 35 spline w/spool,green bearings,back brace and upgrade to 7290(if I don't have them already).

2. if I have to switch over to 7290's do I need a new driveshaft or buy the 7290 end and have it welded on(balanced).

My money tree has wilted and died!
Author: wedge5