8 1/4 shot on a 73 fury "Thunderbolt & Lightfoot"

So much for underestimating the eight and a quater. My brother had one of them there 73 furys with a 360. My dad used to challenge the neighborhood wrenchheads to burn out contest with that fury. That old 8 1/4 never gave out and my dad had one of the heaviest right foot when it came to my car or my brother's. I guess he figured he owed us by beating on our cars, since we beat on his cars in highschool (learning to drive). Hey, but what is family for if you can't wreck each other's ride. My brother's fury ate the timing chain one cold night on the campus of Temple University in 86 or 87. My brother does not miss the fury- I wonder why?
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Author: slant6billy