77 440 Motorhome Engine – Info Needed

I just picked up a running 77 440 out of a motorhome. Gonna drop it in my Valiant in more-or-less stock form just to get my car on the road and have something to play with.

Does anyone have any info on the engine specs for this engine? Did they have any extra performance goodies in them compared to the other low-compression anchors of it's day? I am aware of the extra cooling passages in the heads.

Compression is 8.2:1 on the other 440s of this year...Is it any higher on these motorhome engines?

If I do anything to it before I put it in, it's going to be a cam (original 383/440 HP Grind -.450/.458 lift), and a manifold (performer or M1 dual plane)

Any info would be great.
Author: admin