75 Duster 360

I have pretty much lost interest in my 75 Duster 360. It is a very solid car and a true 360 car L code Vin. It has a few things i had to replace on it like the K member its a early 70s but i have the stocker just need to have a mount rewelded on it. Has all the wires for it but needs the under the hood electricals hooked up and installed. The engine is not the original engine but has a .520 lift cam (IT SOUNDS MONSTEROUS) Ill upload a video of the engine in a Valliant before i got it from the guy who had it in the Valliant. It also has Torker 340 intake (needs a better one asap very power robbing on it) has a Holly 750 Vac Sec carb on it, a Moroso aircleaner, and has the 8 3/4 rear end installed on it. Also will come with the driveshaft and radiator. It has no interior minus the driver seat. Has new rotors, calipers, pads, master cylinder, and ball joints. I am taking a big loss in the price im askin but i am looking for $1500 firm (Cash does talk though). It will need to be trailered from West Monroe, LA to your house or shop. Wont take long to have it on the road i just lost interest trying to get my other car on the road and just not making the money i was when i got the car. If interested just message me on here and i will get back to you asap. Forgot to mention it has 2 different doors on it due to missing a drivers side all together but i have the matching keys for both and the passenger door and the key fot it also even the key for the ignition. The Engine should run with a alternator and wiring hooked up This is a video of it running in the car i got it out of. And all i changed on it was put a bigger carb on it went to a Holly 750 Vac. Sec and put Mopar Performance valve covers and a Moroso Air Cleaner. I have started it a few times since but didnt get a video of it in my duster because i have no fuel lines on it lol but i guaruntee it runs. I also put a second video up of it out of the the guys car and in his garage. and everything on it is still on it now except as i said the bigger carb, air cleaner, and valve covers.



Author: Duster360