74 /6 3 speed manual trans?

Im still running my old standard slant six 3 speed manual floor shift trans with my 360.....dont know how it has held up but its doing pretty good. Anyway, I cant find ANY information on it whatsoever on the net. I am looking for a lower case gasket for it and cant find one anywhere. I cant even find out what the model of transmission is??? I couldnt seem to see any numbers on it the last time i looked either. Also is like any typical older three speed manual trans with two plugs on the trans case somewhere? (obviously one for drain and the other for fill) What would anyone recommend running for lube in it? Im going to drain it anyway for a new gasket...if i can even find one. Ive heard to run with 80-90 gear oil? Everyone just puts the 833 four speed in their cars, but hell this little trans has been holding up pretty darn good for a little old slant six trans. Any info would be appreciated, thanks Tate
Author: admin