73 Dart SE 4 door parts for sale

Hey everyone, I'm parting out this 73 4 door Dart SE. All the glass is good in it. Good hood and front fenders, except some small rust holes about the size of a quarter right behind the front tires. Good grille in it except one mounting tab is split, so the screw won't hold. The bumpers are decent for a driver, but a show car would need rechromed. All the interior is still there, white in color, but can't vouch for the shape of it. I'm going to be stripping it down in the next couple of weeks because I need it off my trailer. The drivetrain, running gear, k-member, and suspension is all gone out of it. I'm not going to list everything for sale, so PM me if you need parts. I'll give you a reasonable price. Located in Western KY. Might be willing to ship most of the stuff. Don't know about fenders and bumpers, etc.

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