73-76 Suspension Parts in 72?

I am going to have an opportunity to buy some parts off of two Dusters this weekend. Most of what I really wanted he won't sell, but I can get some stuff.

One car is a '74. It is a factory front Drum Brake car, but has all of its front suspension. Based on some stuff I have read on www.bigblockdart.com, apparently the K-Frame and some other suspension stuff is better than what I have currently. :read2: (I wanted to buy the front disc brake UCA's and Spindles off the other Duster, but he won't sell.)

Would it be worth the work and money to buy the K-Frame and Steering Linkage off of this '74 for my '72? (I am already going to buy the LCA's and Sway Bar since my car doesn't have a front sway bar.)

The current engine (/6) in this car is going to be upgraded to a 383/400 or possibly a 5.7L HEMI in the future.

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