73 340 duster

Back in 73 my dad bought a brand new, late model, 73 duster 340, sunroof, 4 speed, red exterior, white buckets, chrome package, light package yada yada yada, he sold it in 77 and later saw it ready to do 11's at the track, race ready, he new it was his because if the options and how he had to replace the arm rest with a black one and were not looking really to buy it but if any of you guys know of one still around the d.c. area or some where else with vin #s being vs29h38****** if any of you have this car or know someone who has it, we would love to see it again or if it were for sale it could be bought/ traded, any info just reply, ill see if i can get a couple old pics of it, if you know of the cars vin, email me, we would love to see it again or buy.
Author: admin