’73 318 timing issue maybe? Really need help

My 73 dodge dart is acting up!
I have a fairly stock 318 in it and just got done freshening up the motor a little bit. When I was finished I set the timing to 8 degrees advanced and idle adjustment and had it running pretty well. It was a little hard to start, but overall it ran well. I drove the car about 100 miles to school very shortly after finishing. I apparently did not get the hold down bolt on the dist. tightened well enough because a few days ago it was super hard to start and backfired once, but I was able to get it going. I then turned it back by hand adjusting the timing by ear (then tightened the bolt) and had it running pretty well, and I drove it around for a day with no problems. Note when I did this it was about 70 degrees outside.
The car then sat for about 4 days, and when I went to start it yesterday the battery was low no surprise there, but it wouldn't start. It has a manual choke so I know I was doing it correctly. The only time it even tried to start it turned over twice then backfired twice and died and then didnt even considered starting after. I tried to get out and turn the dist. by hand but it wouldn't anymore. It was very cold outside though. Like 20 degrees.

I don't have a timing light here, I do have quite a few tools though. Also it has an Edelbrock 1405

Please help I really don't know what is going on or how to fix it. And I'm on my own here.

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