727 Safety

What are the opinions here regarding tranny blankets vs. shields? Next year I am updating mine. I have a blanket now, but am wondering whats safer, the blanket or a shield. The transmission already has an aluminum drum set up, and I want it as safe as I can get. I have seen pics online of both blankets and shields taking big hits, but I know there may be more experienced opinions available here, not just pic collectors and online "gurus".
I have found aluminum shields as well as composite shields but no steel ones, not sure why. If it's a weight issue, I would be more concerned about femoral arteries and ankles than a few thousandths...

BTW, this non-clutch stuff is new to me. This fall I was doing some street storming with the '65. Lots of spin in 1st gear, and I always upshifted into 2nd as soon as the tires broke loose and the tach flirted with the limiter. Is this half-way intelligent, or would a different practice be safer? :o Thanks for any input
Author: mopar873