727 Identification

After reading some other posts about 727 xmsn IDs, I guess it's just better to start a new thread.

Hopefully Mr Kunkel will chime in.

The 727 I have just purchased is for a SB Mopar (pretty sure of that...)

The s/n found along the pan rail right below the shifting shafts is

PK 3496938 3771 5442

On the opposite side (passenger) of the transmission is a boss for VIN as has been mentioned in other threads, but there are no numbers/letters there.

Along the tail-housing towards the output end are these cast-in numbers and letters which incidentally are upside-down, preceeded by the std DPCD symbol;

2466901 followed by an ellipse with these letters inside KCP , then the digits 71
directly below the ellipse is the numeral 3 (somewhat large)

a little farther along towards the end of the housing is a 1/4" x 1 1/4" embossed rectangle that has 11 vertical dividers allowing space for 12
of something; however, there are no characters in the small spaces.

The input shaft has 24 splines and measures 1.029 dia
The output shaft has 30 splines and measures 1.283 dia

I was told that this transmission came from a 68 or 69 GTX, but I was always under the impression that GTXs used bigblocks.

The transmission has been rebuilt, and I dont think it's been run since.

There are some external parts missing that I need to find....I'll post in the "Parts Wanted" section.

Thanks for any assistance

Author: gatz