72 swinger/73 parts car $2750

72 swinger is a 2 door.needs resto,but an excellent foundation to start with.i drove the car daily about 7 years ago,but parked it due to needing new tires...(much poorer back in those days). the car had excellent pans back then,but i honestly havent really even looked at the car since then. i bet they're still ok though!its the lowly 6cyl/at but what potential! it left for work one morning without a driver and bent up the left qrt.,trunk floor extension,and rear bumper. the 73 4 door parts car has the needed bumper,and trunk floor extension.this car was also my daily driver last year. i just got tired of my knees on the dash,and when i went to home depot and that water hose reel wouldn't fit through the back door frame..that was the ballgame on it. parts car is also 6cyl./at,but is a disc brake car.i replaced calipers,pads,lines and hoses on it. i do have another 906 headed steel crank 383/727 at that i would let go with it...but only for asking price.thanks!(540)312-7707 Rick is my name

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