72 Duster, South Jersey

Hi guys, I'm looking to sell my 72 Duster and hoping someone can give it a good home. Its a v8 car with a mildly built 318-4 barrel, 727, and an 8-3/4 rear. The engine was apparently rebuilt in 89 with a little bit of beefing up in the bottom end, mild head work, cam, and torker 340 with what looks like a 600 or 650 holley. The car came with a copy of the receipt from the engine builder that has all the details written down. I have no info on the trans other than what it is(a 727). I bought the car with no brakes so the only driving I was able to do was on the trailer, off the trailer, and into my drive way. I can tell you that reverse, drive a park do work and, obviously, the engine does run. This is an original A/C car although some parts inside and under the hood appear to be missing.
The body is pretty solid, but will need some attention down the road. The problem areas are as follows: the spare tire well in the trunk has gotten pretty thin(most likely from collecting water, the car had no trunk seal when I bought it; a new one is included). It is not rotted through yet, and could be fiberglassed to avoid replacing the sheetmetal. Also, there is a patch in the rear of the driver's side floor pan. It's not pretty, but has apparently done its job over the years of keeping out water. The car does have some bubbling paint in the rockers, but not that bad. The rest of the car is great minus one blemish on the right rear quarter panel incurred during towing. This should pop out pretty easily and I am including with the car a couple spray cans of Eastwood rust sealer and plum crazy paint to touch that and the trunk up. The paint looks pretty good and, with a good wash and wax, would be presentable enough to drive it around.
The interior needs work, but it is liveable. The headliner has a hole in the passenger c-pillar area, and the metal trim around the driver's rear window is banged up. The door panels are some failed attempt at an arts and crafts project and will need replacement(I have the armrest pads and passenger side backing plate). The seats are in great shape, but need belts. The dash pad will need replacement as will the dashboard trim. The wiring under dash for the heater controls is currently disconnected and will need to be gone through.
Mechanically, this car needs brakes. Basically everything minus the master and rear brake lines. However, included with the car is rear shoes, wheel cylinders, hardware and front calipers(including the metal lines on the calipers themselves) brake hoses, and pads. Drums look useable but will need rotors and also front master cylinder line and possibly both lines leading to calipers. I removed the master cylinder to have it rebuilt(why do all the other work and not rebuild it?) but as far as I know there is nothing wrong with it. The exhaust is also shot. There is a header leak on the driver's side(comes with new set of hooker headers) and the rest of the exhaust is rotted out. Car come with battery but will need a tray and cables (when I bought it, the car had a really half-assed trunk mount setup which I removed). That is all I found when looking it over, there may be some other odds and ends here and there.
I don't know much on the history of the car. I have only had it for a few months. Shortly after buying it, my now ex-girlfriend changed her mind on me and said she will not be able to move out with me when the time comes. So, I no longer have the luxurt of a project car and figured its better to get rid of it now before I spend too much money on it. From what I was able to gather from the last owner, the engine work and paint where done some time around '89. The car currently has 127k on it. Here are all the pics I've got right now. I'm located in Audubon, NJ. Asking price is 5000 obo. Thank you.
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