70-72 A-body fan shroud

I have a new reproduction small block 22" A-body fan shroud, pt#2998325 to sell. This shroud was originally from Year One (still has label on it) but I bought it on Ebay. It is supposed to fit 70-72 small block A-bodies. However it does not fit the radiator in my Dart as the bolt holes don't line up with those on my radiator. I don't know if it is because my radiator has been altered or if there is something that is not right with the shroud. I was going to just make some brackets to adapt it to my radiator. The other thing about it is it is not pure black. It is black with blue streaks in it. Actually, it looks kind of cool this way, especially if you had a blue car. Anyway, I am going to be getting an aluminum radiator and shroud for my car so I don't need this shroud afterall. Selling for $75 plus actual shipping cost. jk440@wowway.com

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