69 fastback turbine bronze

help anybody got a pair of those trim rails that go between the upper window chrome and the headliner , I also need a good set of reverse lights { the long ones I believe } and the three pieces that go behind the back seat { mine are kind of crappy and I hate to use them after making everything else new } , the panel that goes over the floor and gets carpeted and the two panels that cover the inner wheel wells { is there supposed to be a chrome piece on these ? if so I'll need them as well } I've dumped a fortune into this car and really want to finish it up right so if you have any of these pieces in minto shape please email me @ cwest62@yahoo.ca or call me at 250-220-9270 any time bearing in mind I'm on the left coast in PST thanks EH!
P.S. I forgot I also need some splash guard panels ? for between the the fender and the doors I think thats what they're called
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