69 Dart cooling questions

I have a 69 Dart with a 425 hp 360. I bought a summit aluminum radiator the same size as the stock 318 radiator except for the lower hose outlet. I had the brackets welded on so it would bolt in the factory location. Well this was about six years ago and now I am more interested in function over form.

I drive the car street strip and it over heats on the really hot days. I have new coolant and a 160 stat, new mech pump, flex fan with shroud, and a pusher on the front.

I have been reading that the pusher if not the same as the puller makes matters worse.

QUESTION- The radiator I have measures around 19 tall and 17.5 wide between the tanks. Would I be better off selling it and buying a bigger one from the junkyard.
QUESTION 2- I bought the electric fan from summit and not sure what is puts out but it wont fit between the rad and the pump (I think 16" s blade).

Is anybody else running a similar set up? What are you using for fans/radiators.

Should I buy a low pro electric water pump and try to use the fan I have as a puller? Or buy a different radiator that is wider and try to find a dual fan set up?
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