68 Dart GT trades

looking to possibly trade my 68 dart gt. It's completely disassembled and ready to start fixing(lower quarters rusty, front floor pans, and fenders rusty otherwise very solid. all glass but windshield have been pulled out and are sitting tucked away and safe. 2 sets of doors, 1 grille, 2 hoods, bumpers, bucket seats, interior complete other then a headliner and carpet all needing restoration. will include 2 slant 6's, an auto transmission and a t-5 mustang 5 speed transmission. also clutch pedals and linkages, disc brake front k member, and a B-Body 8 3/4 with a 741 case center section(could be used the way it is without shortening with the right offset wheels). car is rolling but I need to box everything up. Looking for a trade on a 68-72 charger, satellite, roadrunner, gtx, etc. contact me if interested photo's on request.
Author: admin