68 Barracuda 383

Well I have this factory 383 Barracuda. I bought it off ebay for probably more money than its worth a couple years ago. The story goes like this. It has been sitting since about 1980 the owner had taken the interior apart and engine out and apart for a rebuild before he passed away.

I'm tired of the parts laying around so I had the machine work done and I am going to be putting this thing back together. Never rebuilt a 383 so I might have a few questions. The motor is numbers matching so I'm going to rebuild it back to stock.

Few parts I'm looking for is the correct valve covers, I know they are hard to find and pricey any body have some nice ones for sale?

Also looking for the correct carb. for an automatic.

Anybody know if these cars ran a hydraulic or solid cam? the lifters are missing to and I need to buy some new ones.

I'll see if I can post a few pictures later. I'm just going to rebuild the motor and bolt this car back together and see if all the parts are there, it's not really a restoration project at this point.
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