’67 Notchback Barracuda

Heres my current project. '67 Notchback Barracuda with a 360/727.

I've painted the engine compartment "Chrysler Cool Vanilla", powerdercoated the front-end suspension, K-member and a bunch of other stuff black. Converted to large bolt pattern, disc brakes, toyota 130 amp internally regulated alternator and electronic ignition. After I get it running I'll start on body work and interior.

I found it on craigslist for $700. Originally it was a 273/904. I would have kept it that way if that stuff was still in there.

Some sanding...and a $15 dollar paint booth

Currently as of January '09


Of course I can't forget the amx. Its getting a set of prof. ported heads and intake this summer along with a solid roller...Hoping for 10s from 11.70s

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