67′ dart /6 to 383 pitman arm issues?

I have been searching like mad, the more I search the more I confused I get. Here is my situation, I swapped a 383 in place of my /6 in my 67' dart. Everything seemed ok until I installed the TTI headers. It looks like I will have a slight very slight interference with the centerlink and idler arm with the pan, but nothing I am worried about or cant fix. My issue is that the pitman arm nut which is on the top smashes pretty good into my headers. I bought the headers used, they have a slight dent at that location but no where near enough. I am hitting it pretty bad, probably need 3/4"-1" to get it to clear.

Is this normal?? I thought about trying to shim the motor up.. but I know I can't move it up that much.. What are my options?? I am considering swapping in a 73 and new k-frame & steering, but before I spend the money on it and go through all the trouble I need to be sure this will fix the problem.

Help please..

Thanks Bryan
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