67 Barracuda with 44,000 miles ~ thriple BLACK

I have a neighbor that has a 1967 barracuda coupe he bought from a little old lady and has had for about 25 years.

He had to get a lung removed and has been trying for 2 years to get SS disability and is needing some money and has decided to try and sell his Barracuda to raise some cash he is needing. In the last 10 years his wife has went thru cancer treatment and chemo and then him.

If someone is wanting a very nice low mile 1967 Barracuda coupe this is it. It was originally red and but was painted black many years ago. In talking to him he thought it was about 6 or 7 years ago, but it probably has been at least 13 years since the last paint job. It looks like a black mirror and it only had a spot about the size of a quarter in one 1/4 panel cut out and new metal welded in when it was painted black the 1st time.

Factory 273 2 barrel car with bench seat and auto on column, deluxe interior

It now has a 1970 340, crager SS 14X6 front 14X7 deep dish rear

all the factory stuff to go with the car, wheels, hubcaps, 273

I have some pictures of it somewhere but they are not great pictures (took at car show many years ago) I will try and get some good pictures tomorrow if it isn't raining

The car has been garaged for many years and is in very good condition
if anyone is interested you can contact me at 99WildCat @comcast.net or call Dave (317) 894-9008

car is located in Indianapolis, Indiana
asking price $20,000

Hopefully pictures will be posted Saturday

I would love to have this car. My 1st car was a 67 Barracuda coupe painted dark blue, black vinyl top & blue interior with Crager SS wheels. This one is so much better than the one I bought in 1974, I just don't need another car at this time, but if I did need another I sure would be trying hard to buy it. (OK so we don't need these cars but I have too many right now)
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