67 barracuda fastback project

After months of looking for a notchback and finding quite i couple of good deals that i was a little to late for, i ran across what i think is a decent fastback that i just purchased that comes with a parts car as well. Seeing how this is my first restoration project I wanted to get some feedback from you guys and hopefully get some question answered as well. The parts car is a 68 fastback and the one im restoring is a 67. What all of the body parts swap over? id really like to get the doors off of the parts car seeing how mine has quite a bit of bondo on one side and some of the interior pieces like door panels and such. Also, does anyone have any idea on body work prices? like replacing rear quarter panels, and best places to buy replacement panels. Any feedback on my questions or just anything youve learned in your builds would b greatly appreciated. Ill try to get some pics up! thanks alot, nick

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