67-76 A Body (383/400) 2″ Headers

These headers are made by a company named Maddog out of Michigan and are specifically made for 67-76 A Bodies with a "B" engine (361/383/400) w/ stock port location heads.

They fit well but had to be dinged for spark plug clearance on #2, #3, and #5 pipes. They are also dinged to fit around the steering shaft and the steering box. They fit very good after that. You also must use a stock style oil pan with the vertical sides (I bought the deeper one from 440Source). Stock starter is fine not sure about a 4 speed or P/S.

They are a slip fit design and go in in pieces. They are held together by tabs with bolts connected to them and a large 3 1/2" collecter. Never had any trouble with them leaking (they have a large flange). I had them coated with the brush-on ceramic paint from Eastwood but surface rust is coming through.

These headers have zero miles on them but about 10 hours of run time. They are the only option for a stock-headed (stock, Edelbrock, Stage 5) low deck motor in an A-Body.

Located in Alexandria, LA
Have several pics, will E-mail on request (couldn't figure out how to post them here).

I'm asking $400 plus shipping (can get a quote on request), and you can contact me at kzinge1@lsu.edu. More pics are available.
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