66 valiant scam.

Be aware of this scum bag. I asked for pictures and he sent me a total for shipping for a fender for a 66 valiant. :toothy10:
He did not return my e-mail's so I called him and left him a message that I needed his name for the money order, No return call.:toothy10:
I told him that I sent the money order this morning and thanked him for his time.
that I just put the money order to his address and his name that came to me for his invoice name J.M.
This was dun at 10 am this morning. So I just called him again and he picked up the phone and said hello.I asked him if he got my request to send me a picture and he said some one is pulling my chain and hung up on me.:cheers:

Know remember He thinks the money is already on its way this morning.

Not!! I hope he go's out and spends it and then finds out I did not bite on his scam.

Thanks 66340SEDAN for trying and finding a fender:rock::thumbrig:

But this guy just has a picture of a car he don't have.

No loss for me, But a gain for us here at FABO.

Here is the scammer.http://myworld.ebay.com/beastbrutebullet
Author: memike