66′ Formula S barracuda

66 Barracuda, its my dads, he bought it back in the early 90's the guy told him it was a forumula s. It has a high compresion 273 in it and it was a factory 4 speed console car and has the gauge cluster w/tach and 150 Speedo. The motor didnt run and it had an auto with a 7 1/4 rear. My question is how can I determin if the car is a real deal Formula S? Ive run the VIN on a few sites and it comes up as either a 273/2 car or a 273/4(obviously has this engine). My problem is that the car dosnt have a fender tag, and the car was in a front end collision and parts were replaced. The inner fenders werent damaged but for some reason the tag is gone. Now for the big question? I have someone possibly interested in the car and since its sat for the last umpteen years Im gonna recomend he sells it. I would like to get the best money out of the car I can. It was a dark blue car, and the body is straight as an arrow aside from some small damage next to the drivers taillight. It has rust on over both rear wheels but only the drivers would need any metal replacement, theres surface rust on the roof but no pitting and it needs a passenger front floor pan. And a front windsheild, my brothers friend threw a golf club at it it busted a hole in it. Has no front seats. So what might be a good asking price?
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