65 Dart plans

Okay....I have had this car since I was 16....originally 225/3 on the tree combo. I now have ready for this.....A 1975 360, with a 1967 A body 4 speed....still looking for a bellhousing. I have the V-8 center link....and I have a 65 Dart V-8 wiring harness as well. I do not have a flywheel fo rthe external balance yet...and I dont have a V-8 radiator yet.
I swapped out the 7 1/4 rear for a 8 1/4 a few years back......I'm sure I'm going to have to put a new tank in it.....(this one has been sitting empty for a few years) I also know I need to alter my drivers side engine mount from the 273 to fit the 360...and I still need to modify my transmission crossmember for the dual exhaust.......I also have an original 65 4 speed hump that I need to attach and weld in.
A few questions.......
Will the z bar location from the /6 3 speed set-up work for the 4 speed...or will I need to move it? Will the factory three speed crossmember work for the 4 speed? I am planning on going with the Spitfire Headers......any 4 speed issues other than being TIGHT? I have an interior from a 65 GT.....front and rear....and plan on adding the rear seat belts as well.
Whats hould I use for the radiator? Can I make the slant radiator work if I get it re-cored? I also have a 74 Dart large pattern disc brake set-up for it as well......Am I missing anything major that I havent addressed? Thanks in advance......Patch.:toothy10:
One more Question......my 360 came from a Motorhome and has a rear sump.....will I need a center sump pan? THANKS!!!
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