‘ 65 barracuda headliner instalation questions????

Hello all, I just got my new headliner shipped to me today. I got a bunch of universal insulation shipped the other day. I got enough to do my whole car. It is some good stuff. A lot better than what was used from the factory. I'm going to use it on the floor under the carpet as well as the roof underneath the headliner. So I'm preatty sure I have all of the materials needed to do this. My questions are : Do I need to take out my windshield and rear window?? And can I use the original bows that are already there? They seem to be in good condition. And I got some adhesive insulation tape and the spray on adhesive glue. Will that be suitable??? Basically I'm looking for a clear run down on the installation of my headliner. A "play by play" if you will. If someone could do this for me It would be real helpful. This is my first attempt at installing my own headliner and I dont want to F it up. Thanks.
Author: admin