64 Barracuda fenderwell issues

I have a 64 Barracuda, pretty good shape(no rust outwardly, floor pan was homemade, but will be taken care of, but the one issue I must deal with when I pull the engine/tranny is the inner fenderwells. Someone in the distant past had a pair of fenderwell headers on this car, and hacked up the inner fenderwells pretty good. I thought of just trying to match up some patches and weld them in, but I don't know if I can end up with the nice, clean surfaces of the originals, and I want that.

The other thing about this, as anyone reading this probably ALREADY knows, the inner fenderwells are welded in, both at the firewall, and at the rad support ends, which makes a swap far from easy.

I have found a salvage yard in the southwest that has numerous 64-66 Barracudas, and while the fenders are missing, the inner fenderwells look pretty decent, although, anything procured will need to be stripped, fixed/touched up, and painted, along with installed in the vehicle.

My question, just how hard of a swap will this be, I know, sorta vague. My skills are decent. I haven't looked quite as deep at the project, but a=m wondering if anyone has tackled this yet, AND are the weld spot weld(drill out the welds, break rest loose with air chisel, or is it more involved than that???

I think I've attached a pic with the holes in the fenderwells visible(newbie at uploading)



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