5.7 Hemi Conversions – XVMotors? Arrington Chip Killr? Other options?

Hi - I'm putting a 5.7 hemi in my 1971 Dart Swinger this fall/winter. I'm trying to make up my mind on the computer issue. I don't want to splice up an existing computer harness.

XVmotors has a carburated solution with their own chip. Arrington motors has a chip killer product which essentially is designed to house a distributor, eliminating the need for electronic ignition controls. Both are pretty pricey but I am willing to consider both and willing to purchase if they are worth the $$. ($2000 - $2400)

Not sure which way to go and was wondering what you guys would advise? Too many local shops giving me advice with no hands on knowledge to back it up. Question to those that have done the conversion, what would you recommend?

Have to make up my mind so I can start figuring out other things. As an example, I saw a great deal on an autometer tach on this forum that I would love in the Dart but given the Hemi's lack of single ignition coil not sure how it hooks up??!! Any one know?


Any help is appreciated.

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