5″ Speedometer Ideas

I need a 5" Speedo for the Rocky Mountain Custom Dash in my 71 Pro Street Duster.

The dash is painted in Hammered Black.

I already have Tach, Oil Pressure, Volts/Amps, Water Temp & Fuel Level via gauges I bought last year from MSD. I used their Lazer gauges and the Speedo was on back order when I bought the rest of the gauges.

Well MSD really screwed me (and probably lots of other people) when they abruptly announced they were discontinuing the LAZER gauges and were not going to make the Speedo - so now I have a BIGAZZ hole in my dash thanks to MSD - fuggers...

It's great for getting to hidden wires, bad for looks.

I can't believe Summit is still selling their gauges after they screwed lots of people who were banking on getting a complete set of gauges.

Regardless I need a Black Faced 5" Speedo. 120 MPH is fine.

Do I have to get electronic and mount a pickup on the driveshaft or will any of the mechanical speedo connect to my tranny (it's a 4 speed manual)

thanks in advance.

:clock: Jeff

any recommendations/suggestions?
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