4spd trans linkage help needed


I am having problems with the A833 transmisison adjustment on my 70 Duster 340. The previous owner fabricated a fork rod since no one was making new ones at the time. However, I have purchased a new repopped part from B/E & A. The existing rod has a bend to it and the new part is straight. So, I am confused as to which rod style is correct.

The problem that I am having with the transmisison is that I cannot seem to get the fork rod adjusted correctly. Either it is too loose and the clutch won't engage all the way, or it is too tight and something starts making a banging noise that appears to be coming from inside the tranny. I have messed with it quite a bit and am now throughly frustrated.

I have attached a few pics for you to see the different rod styles.

Any advice would be appreciated.



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