440 A body-what to expect-Motivation needed!


I have been slowly building a 440 A body for the past several years. It is a 1974 Dodge Dart Sport.
It has taken awhile to get to where I am due to life etc. that we all go though.
I did get in an honest 5-6 hours yesterday and I got alot done. I could possibly drive it next month with tags and all.

Here is the build:

8:1 440, Holley SD, 750 Eddy (I know...), Schumacher Kit, some headwork, and a mild cam. I built what I could afford at the time. It has been reringed and so forth.

Transmission has a tf-2 in it, good rebuild and a 3500 stall. Rear gear is 4.10 with a sure-grip.

The car itself has had the bumpers gutted, and subframe connectors welded in. It isn't a bad car actually. I tried to sell it uncompleted here about a year ago.

My past experience with cars has been 5.0's (slow) and a mildly worked 68 Mustang when I was a kid. Both were fun but not exactly wild rides.

So here is my question:

How fast are typical 440 A bodies? I built the car pretty well other than the low-comp engine. The plan is to build a monster once I get the rest of the car sorted out.

What does it feel like to stab the gas with a 440 A body? Is it like my 500CC motocross bike when it actually hooks. It is a rocket:-D

I just need some motivation. The build has taken so long and my life has changed enough that I am not getting things done as easily or quickly as normal. It will get done. I do want to drive it:cheers:

Thanks for your support, hatemail, or whatever.....

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