415HP from 318ci IS POSSABLE!!

I wanted to share this info that I found on Engine Masters...my first thoughts on my 69 Dart was to do a 5.7 or 6.1 Hemi swap...then I found this site:

Mopar Engine - 318 Engine With 415 Horsepower - Engine Masters Magazine

So why go big block or even a 340 or 360 when 400HP will do the job just fine for a driver or even a bracket car...and I will save a bundle not doing the swap...the build consists of 95% all stock Mopar parts...only the pistons and cam are aftermarket...I was very impressed with the results of the dyno run...hell, even the dyno guys were impressed.

I posted this to maybe encourage those of you who want to chuck the 318 in favor of a 340-360...just want ya to know there are ponies hidden in the mighty 318:read2:
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