400/451 Mopar, 1969 Valiant, 1972 Plymouth Duster

400/451 Drag motor that went 5.71 @ 2390 lbs in my Daytona, sold the Daytona and no longer need the motor. It has never been apart since built new. It has 67 model 915 steel head, with a lot of porting work done. 13.8-1 compression, 660 lift cam, Child and Albert aluminum rods, Crane Rockers, with two four barrel set up. Very nice and clean. All you need is distributor, starter, and oil pan. Asking 3,800 obo, will do mopar trades only.

Valiant with a 6 cylinder auto runs and drives very good. The front end has been rebuilt with front end alignment. It only has rust in the bottom of both quarter panels and a very very small place in the drivers floor panel. It has original paint on it and needs a head liner. Asking 2,400 obo.

Duster with 6 cylinder auto runs and drives very good. Very solid car with a newer paint job, the car has a couple of bubbles in the lower quarter panel but is still solid and nice. The car came from Texas. Asking 3,300 obo.

will put picture soon!!!!!call for information 1-270-566-3990
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