4 speed console shifter guys help

I've just ordered a repro Hurst style console shifter for my 68 from Brewers. My car is right hand drive, with a console (of course). I'm dying to know if I will be able to use the console shifter as is, or whether it will require modification to work comfortably for a driver sitting on the right side of the car. By modification I mean cutting and re-welding the shifter to achieve a mirror image of the current shape. (One reason why I havent bought an original shifter, as I would never want to hack one of those rare items up).

Can anyone with a hurst console shifter conduct a little experiment for me? Sit in the passenger seat of your car and work through the gears, and tell me whether it feels comfortable enough (putting aside the fact that it will feel odd for you to be shifting with your left arm) in all positions, or whether I'd have to have ape length arms to use it in this way.


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