4 bbl manifold alternative

Just thought I'd put the word out that there is an alternative to the 4 bbl manifolds from Clifford and Offy. This one is in production and comes from the land down under. Therefore an updraft 4 bbl is required to maintain the design parameters (just kidding). It's a great quality aluminum casting. You can see for yourself what they've done with the intake runners. The part number is AS0024 SL64B. If your interested check out http://www.aussiespeed.com.

They offer a water heat kit for the manifold. In corresponding with AussieSpeed, their experience is that only cold climates really need the kit. Some detractors have said that if you put a big carb on the manifold it is difficult to start and keep running until the engine warms up. Personally, I can't say. Since I sort of blew the budget on this, it will take a little while longer before I get a carb and actually install it on my '73.

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