383 piston choices- need help

OK, so I finally got my heads for the 383 build. Here is the run down so far-

'69 383 hp block, .030 over
stock crank
Eagle H-beam rods
Edelbrock Victor heads
Edelbrock Victor intake
Lunati valve train
Lunati mechanical roller .600 lift in & ex
Milodon pan and oiling system

So here's the real question- do run the old set of TRW forged 12.5:1 pistons or get a new set of pistons that have way less compression? This is a street-strip motor, but I am really tempted by the 700 hp potential of the 12.5s. I know they are heavy, but what do you guys think? The pistons are used and have some detonation scars. If I drop to 9.5:1, the power will drop to around 630. I am looking for 9s in my '74 scamp, and 700 hp would just about do it. what do you guys think?
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